Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Businesses are the Biggest User of FOI Legislation

FOI legislation is not just good public policy; it is also good for business. Coalition of Journalists for Open Government observes that American FOI requesting has become a business in itself over the last 40 years.[1] Businesses are always the biggest users of FOI legislation in many jurisdictions as this law benefits for their commerical activities and competition. It is no doubt that FOI officials will find themselves primarily servicing the FOI requests of commercial interests.[2]
We cannot help asking the following questions, what is wrong with our FOI laws?

[1] Coalition of Journalists for Open Government, Frequent Filers: Businesses Make FOIA Their Business (2006) <> at 26 January 2007.

[2] Roderick Macdonell, Access to Information: The Commercial Side (2003) The World Bank <>at 23 January 2007.

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