Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Chinese have 4 channels to acquire govt info

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Chinanews, Beijing, April 25 - In China, the general public can acquire government information via news broadcast, the official websites of government departments, public information query service, and the disclosed information directory released by the government. Foreigners and foreign organizations can make the most of open channels, too, according to Zhang Qiong, the director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council. Zhang said this while answering the question of our reporter about the recently released government information disclosure regulations. However, foreigners and foreign organizations must hand in applications before they can be granted access to other information channels, based on the regulations of international laws. "The formulation of government information disclosure regulations is base on the principle of openness, and only in exceptions will we have to keep some of the information closed, The regulations indicate that it's the responsibility of government to keep its administrative affairs to all the citizens, legal persons and other organizations, while it must not publicize information involving state secrets, business secrets or personal privacy," said Zhang. Zhang believes the regulations will protect the general public's rights to knowing, participation and supervision with regard to political affairs, and they will help to prevent corruption and abuse of power in the future.

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