Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Monthly FOI Report in Shanghai (May)

There are 416 requests received by Shanghai Governments in May 2007. 441 requests have been responded in this month. Of which, 277 were granted in full, accounting for 62.8%, while only 13 in part (2.9%). 151 (34.2%) were refused. Of these refusals, 70 were refused as the information requested are not held by the relative departments, 41 were refused as the information requested is not existed, and 17 was rejected as the information requested is unclear. The information requested by other 3 applicants did not fall into the scope of information defined in Shanghai FOI legislation. 9 requests fell into the stipulated six FOI exemptions. Exemptions of state secrets and deliberation were typically employed in this month. The rest (11) fell into “other reasons”, such as applicants’ withdrawal from their applications and requests not for information.

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