Friday, September 28, 2007

The advanced technology dramatically decreases the cost of obtaining information

In China, the advanced technology dramatically decreases the cost of obtaining information. Internet makes the flow of information cheaper, quicker and more convenient than before. At the end of 2005, there are 11,995 government websites. 81.1% government authorities at and above county level have established their websites. 96.1% government authorities directly under the State Council have established their websites on the internet. The percentage for government authorities at provincial and county level established websites is 96.1% and 77.7% respectively.[1] Government websites become one of the most important methods for information flow between government and the public. In addition, the number of telephone users increased dramatically from 0.23 billion in 2000 to 0.74 billion in 2005. There are 30 mobile phones per 100 persons in 2005; this number is only 7 in 2000. 95.29% people have television in 2005.[2] The number of internet users is up to 137 million in January 2007,[3] accounting for about 10% of the China’s population (about 1.3 billion).

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