Monday, November 5, 2007

Criticism of disclosure of law in ancient China

As a result, in BC 536, laws were officially published for the first time on a Ding (a vessel) by Chan Zi in the Zheng Kingdom. Xiang Shu strongly disagreed with Chan Zi on the disclosure of laws and sent a letter to Chan Zi to criticize his decision. He identified mainly four factors against the disclosure of law: the prestige of the rulers would be diminished by such disclosure; the masses would argue with each other after the disclosure of law; the law could not be considered in detail and resultant injustice; law was originally published for the purpose of limiting tyrants’ power.Chan Zi ignored Xiang Shu’s criticism and replied to his letter that he published the law in order to save the kingdom.

Note: Qiuming Zuo, Zuo Zhuan—Zhao Gong Liu Nian (2000)Guoxue at 14 May 2007.

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