Saturday, December 29, 2007

FOI Monthly Report in Shanghai (October)

Taken from Shanghai Informatization Commission and translated by Ben Wei

Shanghai government agencies received 597 requests in October 2007. 528 requests (together with requests carried forward from last month) were determined in this month, of which, 359 (68%) were granted in full, 16 in part (3%) and 153 (29%) wholly refused. Of these refusals, 33 were refused on the basis of wrong agencies approached, 51 were refused due to the non-existence of information, and 18 were rejected because of unclear requests. The information requested by 8 applicants did not fall into the definition of information under Shanghai FOI Rules. Only 20 requests fell into six legitimate FOI exemptions. Exemptions of state secrets and deliberations have been frequently claimed by government agencies during this month. The rest (21) were refused because of “other reasons”, for example non-FOI requests (consultation and petition letters).

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