Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shanghai: the Significant Decrease of the Percentage of Revoking Agencies' Original FOI Decisions

Under the Shanghai FOI Rules, an applicant who is dissatisfied with the decision of an agency on his or her initial FOI request can apply to the next higher agency for administrative reconsideration. In 2008, the Legislative Affairs Office of Shanghai received 365 applications for administrative reconsideration, and accepted 352 applications. This Office made 350 decisions on administrative reconsideration, with 28 (8%) of those decisions reversing the original decisions, decreasing 3.3% from last year (11.3%). During the last five years, the percentage of revoking the original decisions has fallen dramatically from 46.2% (2004) to 8% (2008), indicating that FOI general officials have improved their professional knowledge about the Rules and quality of service for access requests.

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