Sunday, April 15, 2007

FOI in Shanghai: from its three annual reports

The three annual reports show that the Shanghai government carried out many meaningful and creative measures to implement its FOI Rules. A practical working mechanism has been established for enforcing the FOI Rules. Several norms have been adopted to accompany the effective implementation of the FOI Rules. Various useful activities have been undertaken to improve public awareness and six training sessions have been run for Freedom of Information (FOI) officials. The contents of proactive disclosure have been expanded. However, some problems also can be found in the implementation process. The work of proactive disclosure is just at the beginning and the content is still limited. Application handling procedures should be further standardized. The quality of requests is poor and public awareness is still very low. In the future, fostering a culture or approach of pro-disclosure and improving public awareness are the two major businesses for implementing the FOI Rules. "> " title="permanent link">#

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