Saturday, April 21, 2007

FOI and Trust

Take from UK Freedom of Information Blog about FOI and trust discussed by Tony Blair during his monthly press conference:
"So the question for us is how do you then get this more sophisticated and profound dialogue about politics today and political issues, and it is very know we introduced the Freedom of Information Act. And you would think that people would be saying about the Freedom of Information Act, isn't it wonderful that the government has been so open, or whatever, but it has tended to be whatever. I think the basic problem, and my advice to whoever comes after me from whatever party, is be really careful of this business because I spent a lot of time setting up this notion that somehow by an Act of Parliament, or a new initiative, or a different type of engagement you could get this different dialogue which is the only way to encourage greater trust [Emphasis added], and I think it is a lot tougher.""> " title="permanent link">#

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